PERSONA (“How a plant devoured a sculpture”)

Excerpt from the book's introduction note:

PERSONA (“How a plant devoured a sculpture”) is sort of a flip book, based on Ingmar Bergman's movie with the same title. When it doesn’t play with itself, it looks like it gains self-awareness, same way the movie does.It’s an attempt to interpret the film’s narrative.


Like someone who tries to decipher his/her silent reflection. The scientist who spends his days conducting experiments, only to come home at night to gaze into the mirror and find a tiny white laboratory mouse looking back at him. Or it’s simply a plant devouring a sculpture and then everything turns into a mess. 

PERSONA (How a plant devoured a sculpture)

Artist's Book, Risograph, 17x19.5 cm, Edition of 100, 2018

All Images © Vasilis Galanis,

Athens, Greece

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